Monday, January 13, 2014

Found Nothing, Coming Home – Free from January 17-19

Some days are just super nice. Friday. Birds chirping. Bright sunlit sidewalks. Friendly neighbors. Smiling faces. Your coworkers bought your favorite coffee, because you’re just a great person. And then, you see that there is a free ebook for your reading pleasure.

The boss walks into your office. “Take the rest of the day off,” he says. “Go enjoy yourself. You deserve it!”

With a smile you stroll into the sunny morning, eager to enjoy the well-earned hours with your free ebook, on a bench by the park.

Find that beautiful day and that free ebook here:

Until then, please enjoy an excerpt from the book, below:

He woke with a sour taste in his mouth and stiffness in his back. He stood quickly, and saw that the clock read 7:50. “Shit,” he said to himself, half-excited. Immediately he called Anna - she picked up and told him they would be late. Ron wanted to apologize, but she already hung up the phone.

He took a minute to spray some cologne and make sure his hair wasn't too bad. Then he shuffled down the stairs, jumped into his car, and sped to Anna's place as fast as the car and the streets would allow.

She was waiting just outside the door. She was wearing a blue dress, flowy and elegant; it was something to be worn on a special occasion. It hugged her hips and shaped tightly around her mid-section. As she walked, one of her legs slid out of a slit in the skirt. The neck was cut somewhere between classy and risque. The makeup highlighted her eyes, which were already a bright and generous display. Her hair was done in a bob - a new and aggressive look for her. She was wearing pearl earrings, and also a pearl pendant necklace. The whole ensemble was nothing short of stunning.

She wanted to know why he was late.

He said he was busy.