Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Anna Blue, 2nd in the series, available FREE starting August 22

Hullabaloo and Shenanigans!   Through the gracious hands of our overlords at Amazon, the second book in the "Found Nothing, Coming Home" series will be available at no cost!  Zero dollars and zero cents.  Of course, this engagement is only available for a limited time.  Be sure to pick up your copy on August 22nd and the following weekend.

If that's not enough for you, then both the series opener, Found Nothing, and the 3rd installment, For the Time Being, are also available in the Amazon Store, for the modest price of $0.99.

A summary follows.

Adrift in the ocean of self-wrought apathy, a siren calls the young man to shore.

Ron Collins finds himself as the product of misplaced ambitions and unjustified self-worth, and cannot summon the strength to acknowledge his failures. Yet, there is one thing in his life that is worthy of his efforts - the young mistress Anna Blue. Anna is a vibrant and volitile young woman, beautiful and confident in her disposition. Ron craves her attention and finds himself at her beckon, despite being regarded as her boyfriend. Anna, perhaps knowingly, keeps him at a persistent distance. In the meantime, Ron finds his friendships suffering, his energy waning, and his emotions dulling. Will he meet Anna again? Can she save him?

Anna Blue explores the expanding and evolving concept of relationships in young people; they who have technology as a buffer from intimacy, and also often come from less than ideal family circumstances.