Saturday, May 11, 2013

Arturo Fuente Petit Corona

Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Cameroon, Candela, Connecticut, Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican

Taste -  7
Draw - 8
Build - 8
Price - 7
Overall – 8

Suggested Drinking:
Christian Brothers V S Brandy
Grant’s Family Reserve (scotch)

The Petit Corona is a member of the flagship Gran Reserva line, a well respected line of premium cigars.  Fuente is generally recognized for outstanding cigars at a reasonable price.  The Gran Reserva Petit Corona was no exception.

My previous experiences with Fuente cigars were very pleasant.  Though I wasn’t sure at the time the exact type of Fuente that I smoke previously, the memories were all good.

Lit with a butane torch (forgive me).  The first draw was a bit harsh, likely aided by my own poor lighting technique, combined with a somewhat moist atmosphere (I was sitting on my front porch).  With some patience, it settled down quickly.  Each draw became more smooth and tasty.  The cigar was very easy to smoke, as it was very well built and produced a hearty amount of smoke.

The taste was familiar to those who have smoked the Gran Reserva. Though it was a powerful taste, it was not charred or too smoky, but rather quite smooth and satisfying.  The taste and the texture seemed to get better with every puff.  Honestly, it was hard to stop smoking the cigar – I kept going down to the nub, until the heat was too much for my lips.  That said, it is not a sweet smoke, so a novice cigar smoker may want to look elsewhere.

For about $5.00, it’s hard to beat this kind of quality.  For myself, I will seriously consider buying the Gran Reserva in bulk.  Highly recommended.